Customized Physical Therapy for Pickleball Players

Our Physical Therapy for Pickleball players uses specific orthopedic protocols for injury repair and recovery. During rehabilitation, we target the muscle groups needed to achieve balance, rapid lateral movements, overhead shots and quick changes in direction. Our Physical Therapy focuses on balance, agility, flexibility and strength, all needed for recovery and return to play. We also offer many targeted and unique modalities, such as H-wave technology, Bemer technology, Salt Therapy and KT taping.

H-Wave Treatments

H-Wave is an exceptional technology that provides a unique waveform that penetrates deeper into tissues, muscles and nerves promoting contraction, increasing circulation and facilitating muscle rehabilitation needed to get back in the game.

Bemer Technology

Bemer technology is an innovative approach to enhance the body’s natural recovery processes by utilizing a specialized electromagnetic field. Specifically designed to optimize blood circulation and oxygen supply at the cellular level, Bemer technology offers unique benefits for pickleball players during injury rehabilitation and return to play.

Salt Therapy

Salt therapy, or halotherapy, offers benefits for injured pickleball players by promoting improved breathing and respiratory health. The micro-particles of salt used in halotherapy can help reduce inflammation and mucus buildup in the airways, facilitating easier and more efficient breathing during the recovery process.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping (KT) can be used to reduce pain by providing additional sensory input and support to the injured area. The effect of the tape on the skin alleviates pressure on pain receptors, enhancing overall comfort during the healing process. Teaching and training patients how to effectively use KT tape is a priority in rehabilitation for our Pickleball Players.