Acute Injuries from Pickleball

Effective Treatment For Acute Injuries

The dynamic movements involved in Pickleball involve quick changes in direction, reaching for shots, and repetitive twisting motions, can place significant strain on the all joints, and specific muscles in the body. Typical areas of injury include the ankles, knees, calves and elbows. While RICE is always the first thing to practice, there are specific modalities and movement patterns that can promote recovery to return to the court. Its best to use softer balls meant for indoor play, because they are more gentle on the joints than the harder outdoor balls. And wearing good shoes with support and cushion is critical to protect your joints from shock or impact.

Here are the most common Pickleball injuries on the court.

Ankle Sprains & Injuries

Ankle injuries are the most common re-occurring injuries in the body. This is because many times than not, a player will return to the court before the joint is fully recovered. Achilles tendon strains and gastric (calf) tears and strains respond well to targeted interventions. Our program includes night splinting, KT taping and specific extension movements progressed to full weight bearing. We also always recommend continued sleeve support during play for that psychological reminder of the injured joint and as added support.

ankle injury

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries are the most complicated injuries to rehabilitate and the standard of care has changed significantly in the last 20 years. Most meniscal injuries are no longer all treated surgically, but with Physical Therapy. Many knee injuries can be the result of improper-fitting shoes. Just because they are comfortable does not mean they give the best support. The first thing we do when we meet you is to have you take off your shoes. The growth and displacement of the toes tells a deeper story. And many times we find that weakness in the glutes contribute to knee pain.

knee injury

Elbow Injuries (Tennis Elbow)

Despite its name, tennis elbow is a common overuse injury in pickleball players, resulting from repetitive wrist and arm motions. It presents as pain on the outside of the elbow.

Elbow Injuries are one of the most common injuries in racquet sports. However, they are really very responsive to the right Physical Therapy. Our therapists identify the cause of the elbow pain. It is typically related to overuse and flexor muscles overpowering the triceps muscles. Once these muscles are effectively targeted, the healing and strengthening can begin. Sadly, too many people undergo surgeries to address elbow tendinitis before they look to effectively therapy and modalities to heal and be strong enough to return to play.

Pickleball Man X-Ray - elbow

Effective Treatment for Pickleball Acute Injuries

Whether it’s a muscle strain, herniated disc, or sciatica, these injuries can sideline even the most dedicated players. That’s where our customized Physical Therapy comes into play. Our team not only possesses a deep understanding of the human body and its mechanics but also has a profound knowledge of pickleball itself. We recognize the specific demands and stresses the sport places on the back, allowing us to customize our treatment plans accordingly.

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